Corporate News

[2011-7-5] EgisPro Announced.

AICS Global Inc. has released its newest EgisMail Product Variant, EgisPro. EgisPro Synchronizes any PDA/Cell Phone with your desktop, Laptop, iPad, or Tablet.

  • Never have to plug-in your device again with EgisPro! All of your Email, Calendars, Notes and Contacts are seamlessly sync'ed through our secure servers pushing the data to all your connected devices over the web, encrypted for your protection.
  • If you loose your phone or iPad, EgisMail can remote wipe the device deleting all your private information on that device protecting it from theft or abuse while preserving it in our secure servers.
  • Recover all your data instantly when you get a new device. Just enter your account information into your new device and all your data will automatically download into it. Never loose data again!

EgisMail stands out for one reason, Security.  Unlike Google®, AOL® or Yahoo® EgisMail does not collect, share or sell your information with anyone.

We do not believe you are a resource to sell but rather we believe we are your resource to help manage your business.

[2011-3-31] EgisMail Video Chat/Conferencing Beta Test

EgisMail is now testing a Video Instant Messaging/Conferencing system. If you are a current EgisMail member then you can use the Egis Video Chat Tab in the WebClient to help us Beta Test the service.

We have opened the beta test to all members to help test the system so we can get a larger understanding of the bandwidth and other requirements in order to produce and deploy the best product we can think of. During this test the system will be open to the public. Members can video chat with anyone even non members. Just give the URL to your friends and have fun.

We believe this new feature will be a great addition to our ever growing list of features.

[2011-3-22] EgisMail IM Gateway

EgisMail now has Instant Messaging Gateways. Now you can chat with all your contacts on multiple chat systems from one centralized location from anywhere in the world on any computer over an SSL connection. You now can connect with the following Chat Services:

  • AIM
  • AOL
  • Facebook
  • MSN
  • MySpace
  • Yahoo

Simply follow the steps outlined in the EgisMail WebClient User Guide under Documents or use these steps to subscribe to them. (Note 1: You will need an account with these services. Note 2: The following example is for Facebook.):

How to Register a Facebook Gateway in your IM Client:

Setting a gateway for Facebook is the same as it is for other ones but there is interaction needed with your Facebook account.

The following description details steps done by a user to register a gateway in their IM client.

Within your Facebook account, go to Account – Account Settings – Username. If you do not use a username (but a whole email address), fill in one and activate it. You can check whether your username is activated. Insert the following address to a web browser:<your_username> e.g.
Use this username (together with your Facebook password) when registering the Facebook gateway in your IM client.

NOTE: Username activation can take some time. In the case you have an active Facebook username and gateway registration does not work, go to your Facebook account again and change your password. In this case, username activation is done immediately.

[2011-3-15] EgisMail has added individual backup services.

Due to some data loss last January it became apparent that having database backups was not going to be enough. A few clients' contacts became corrupted. The database backup system backs up the data in the primary database and as such copied the bad data to the backup databases. Attempted resets to older dates did not retrieve the necessary data associations to bring back the data. The information was there but could not be re-linked to the owner. Because of this EgisMail has completely restructured its data backup architecture. Now each individual client's data is backed up into individual files stored on multiple systems. Because of this EgisMail is now able to offer its members unprecedented backup services.

Now when a client looses data, accidentally deletes data, or needs to roll back their data to a previous date we can, without affecting anyone else's data. Each clients data is backed up nightly to a xml file which can also be read in plain text if needed. No programming skills required to read the data and the server can load the independent file at any time.

In addition to the file backup, EgisMail is developing a script that will automatically email the file to the client on a scheduled interval so the client has a copy of their own data.

We are excited about this new feature. Now everyone's data is backed up outside of the database for further recoverability!

[2011-2-21] EgisMail upgrades it's services

EgisMail has finished upgrading its servers and services. Check out the new features under "Support - What's New".