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EgisMail is a product of Applied Internet Communications Incorporated (AICS Global). Founded on the principals of personal privacy and high performance, EgisMail was designed to provide the safest most secure communications platform available and present it at the lowest possible price. EgisMail, the creation of Bill Allen, President and CEO of AICS Global, stands above other communications solutions in one very critical and important way: emphasis on your privacy.

Protecting your privacy IS our Business.

AICS Global got its start by a group of developers and investors who saw the need to restore personal privacy back into the internet experience. For years now major internet companies have made their fortunes by selling their clients personal information to third parties, who in turn, pay those companies to direct market their products back to those clients. It seems everything done online today is monitored by someone. That information is cataloged and profiled into marketing demographics and sold to the highest bidder

We Believe Your Private Information belongs to you!

How can these internet companies get away with collecting and selling your personal information? Well, it is in their user agreements. You gave them that right when you said "I Agree" to their user agreement in order to use their product. Our user agreement does not contain that type of language. We will not sell you out for a few advertising dollars.

We believe you have a right to be free from intrusive, unwanted advertising!

The EgisMail team has been built with that motto in mind. Security is paramount today and the dynamics of the EgisMail team reflect that goal.

Visit EgisMail's website for more information and to sign up. Get EgisMail today and discover your companies full potential.

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Manage Company Calendars, Company Address Books, Tasks, Resources, and Meeting Invitations

Through support of open standards, EgisMail GroupWare Server allows users to schedule & manage events & company resources. Supported standards include Internet Calendars, Free/Busy lookup, & iMIP for Outlook ® compatible calendar invitations. Users can also manage Address Books, Calendars, Tasks, Files & Journals, syncing data with EgisMail WebClient, Outlook ® & mobile devices.



User-to-User Sharing

Through flexible permissions, users have the ability to share Email, Address Books, Calendars, Files, Tasks, Journals & Notes, with other EgisMail GroupWare Server users. Highly granular control includes Read, Write, Modify, & Delete permissions that can be set. Users are alerted through email notifications that they have been granted access rights to a folder by one of their colleagues.


Sharing Data With Groups & Public Folders

Through public folders, EgisMail GroupWare Server data can be shared across the entire organization, among groups, & between individuals. Shared address books can be set as a Global Address List (GAL) providing a company contact directory that is centralized & automatically populated. Each user can manage their individual contact information, which simplifies management, promotes efficiency & keeps contact information up-to-date. Shared Calendars can also be set easily for companywide, departmental, or group Calendars to allow the members to easily keep track of events & important meetings.


Simple File Storage & Sharing

Using EgisMail GroupWare Server, users can save & access important files as if they were accessing them on a local drive or network share. Access is enabled through EgisMail WebClient, Microsoft Outlook or through a network drive via the Windows desktop. Files folders & contents can be shared out to users or groups allowing for easy & seamless collaboration across your organization.



SmartDiscover for Easy Deployment to Users

End users only need to know their username & password, simplifying deployment of client software. EgisMail SmartDiscover handles the rest, automatically providing access to Calendars, Contact & any other EgisMail Groupware Server data, also IM settings, & SMTP/POP3/IMAP server configuration. Compatible clients & mobile devices can be easily configured without user interaction.

Multi-Platform Design

EgisMail GroupWare Server includes a unique implementation of CalDAV Server, designed to support a broadest set of available desktop & mobile applications. This is achieved through an innovative combination of the WebDAV, GroupDAV, CardDAV & CalDAV protocols. Supported clients include Apple iCal/Address Book, Mozilla Thunderbird/Sun­bird, Novell Evolution. This wide, cross platform, support means that no matter what or how your users need to access their EgisMail GroupWare data, even shared Calendars, or Shared Address Books, it is easy.

Mobile Synchronization

EgisMail GroupWare Server supports out-of-the-box synchronization of Email, Calendar, & Contacts data over-the-air via ActiveSync with EgisMail SmartSync Technology or via the open-standard SyncML protocol. This provides native support for almost every mobile device on the market. EgisMail GroupWare Server is also the ONLY solution on the market providing over-the-air synchronization of Tasks, even to phones that do not support this natively, through a Tasks as Events synchronization feature.


Robust Database Storage

EgisMail GroupWare requires no special installation or configuration & is ready to use right out of the box. For organizations with more complex needs, GroupWare supports the most trusted database systems, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, Firebird & Interbase. Optional backup database connection with FS export for the ultimate data retention.



Desktop-like Usability

Using AJAX-driven Web 2.0 technology, EgisMail WebClient is designed for desktop-like user experience. The same behavior that users expect from desktop clients is also available in EgisMail WebClient, including Drag & Drop, Right-Click, Pop-Up Reminders, Multifile Upload, Audio Notification of email, IM and phone calls.


Compose, Read and Organize Your Emails

The WebClient interface for composing and reading email is user friendly, containing common desktop-like features, including auto-suggestion, full text search, HTML message composition, and automatic spell checker. A virtual dock gives end users the ability to simultaneously compose a message while handling multiple email messages and calendars.


Account Management

Each user can easily manage their own account settings on the server, including the Autoresponder, email forwarding, and signatures. They can also create and manage their personal server-side email sorting rules and manage personal certificates.


Basic and PDA Interface

WebClient includes special interfaces for mobile devices and other low bandwidth clients. Three options are available to users, including a full AJAX interface, a Basic non-Javascript interface that provides access to Email, Contacts and Calendars, and a fast PDA/iPhone interface.




Share, Coordinate & Collaborate

Email, Documents, Tasks, Contacts, Calendars, Journals & Notes can be shared between users, among groups and throughout the entire organization. Highly granular control of user's rights is possible, including Read, Write, Modify & Delete. Users receive an email notification when they are granted access rights. Administrator can easily enable Google ® Maps location services for contact addresses.

Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Files & Journals

Through EgisMail WebClient, users can access every feature of EgisMail GroupWare, including Contacts, Calendars, Files, Tasks, Notes and Journals. Data entered into WebClient is instantly saved on the server and pushed to connected Outlook clients and mobile devices. Print stationery creates standard output for emails, calendars, contacts and tasks.


Instant Messaging, File Transfer, VoIP Phone

EgisMail's WebIM client is integrated into WebClient, giving users the ability to easily chat, exchange files, send text messages or speak through a fast-dial in the contacts roster. Communication is enabled through more than 15 gateways, including AOL / AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, Facebook. EgisMail WebPhone, the integrated VoIP client with dial pad and DTMF support, can utilize either EgisMail SIP Server or your current IP PBX solution.



Translated to more than 20 languages

Users can select from more than 20 languages, including English, French, German and Japanese.


E-mail Archiving

Automatic IMAP integration makes certain that you remain compliant with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SARBOX) by archiving all incoming & outgoing email messages in isolated non-production storage. Messages are saved as files in a tree folder structure, making restoration a simple matter of dragging the appropriate files back to each user's IMAP folder. Users can access the archive via any email client – but cannot change stored data.


Comprehensive Server-Side AntiSpam Protection

By combining 20+ antispam technologies, EgisMail Server provides organizations with high accuracy right out of the box. Through sophisticated behavior analysis, artificial intelligence & auto-learning, EgisMail spam protection adapts to your organization's u­nique messaging behavior. With no management required, the longer you use EgisMail Anti-Spam, the more accurate it will become.


Black Lists, White Lists & Spam Folders

Users can take control of their inbox. All messages identified as spam are automatically stored in the users Spam folder, accessible through EgisMail WebClient, Outlook ® & other IMAP-compatible clients. Users also have the option to manage these lists via EgisMail's automated Spam Reports. From the Spam folder or the Spam report email users can take action on messages, including adding the sender to their black or white list.


Dual Layered Anti-Virus Protection From
 Kaspersky & Symantec

Antivirus protection is based on the high-performance Kaspersky ® AV engine, & Symantec Corporate Security providing powerful multi-threaded processing. EgisMail was the solution first to integrate multi-threaded antivirus scanning directly into the mail server, & is one of the most powerful platforms on the market, capable of scanning over 4,000 messages per second.


Full & Granular Administrator Controls

Quarantine Management
Central management of user & domain-level quarantine prevents false positives after initial Anti-Spam deployment, & allows administrators seamless control of the messaging security.

Score System
EgisMail provides administrators with granular threshold control over all 20+ antispam technologies to ensure you can modify setting based on your organization’s ne­eds.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam Updates

EgisMail Active Update technology delivers antivirus & antispam databases automatically & incrementally, protecting your organization with the most current definitions & reducing the impact to your network infrastructure. A single EgisMail Server can also be the virus definition server for other EgisMail Servers.